Trade Rumors and News: Does The Knicks Really Need A New Coach?

Despite all the buzz about the New York Knicks being on the brink of a championship this season, the New York Knicks keeps doing everything they can to stress that they aren’t really in the middle of a championship race. At one point during the playoffs the team had their coach Gary Payton replaced with the new guy Steve Kerr. But according to a quote by the team’s president Phil Jackson, these changes are totally to accommodate the needs of the team and get them ready for next season.

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No one can deny that the New York Knicks has made strides and has improved since their glory days of the early 1990s. However the team has been sitting in the mid-range of the Eastern Conference standings for several weeks now.

The reason the Knicks are nowhere near the top of the East is because they’ve been so active in trying to land big names. Just a few weeks ago the team traded for Andrea Bargnani, just a few weeks ago the team traded for J.R. Smith, just a few weeks ago the team traded for Carmelo Anthony, just a few weeks ago the team traded for Tracy McGrady. The biggest reason why these moves have been made is because the team felt like it was time to try to save some face.

What they don’t realize is that they may be replacing that old guard of players that have helped the team win some titles. The guys who are now coming in won’t be as big of a part of their winning formula. Because of this, there will be changes in the front office.

The big question mark on the New York Knicks is whether or not the players and coaches will be happy with this move. Jackson didn’t say this directly, but he definitely implied that his team is in the middle of a playoff race and that is what they wanted to highlight with these trade deals. It is hard to tell exactly how this will affect the Knicks on the court because the team hasn’t done too much to move the needle over the last several weeks.

However, if this is the direction that this team is headed, then this is also the reason why it is so important for them to keep him. And if they do lose Jackson, it would be even more important to take some sort of hit with a change of coach. Whether it is a good one or bad one, Jackson is the one who was always the player’s voice and coach and the one who provided so much optimism and leadership for the team.

There’s a lot to be said for continuity is what Jackson brought to the New York Knicks. With the most recent signings, this is the best chance that the team has had in years to keep the momentum and the magic alive. So we’ll see if they can pull off the blockbuster deal or if the losses are too much for them to overcome.

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