NBA Trade Rumors – More to Come!

When it comes to the NBA trade rumors, there is no denying that every single NBA team has a market and that even the most notable teams have a means of acquiring and handling their own players. With this, it should come as no surprise that with the teams’ level of professionalism and their desire to win the NBA championship, trade rumors are inevitable.

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During the past year, several NBA teams traded a player or players and the newest player of the season received a higher salary from his former team. Although there were players that were traded with absolutely no reason, those trades were made by established veterans who had a lower percentage of playing than the player they traded away. In addition, there are also teams that trade one of their prized youngsters for a veteran or a second-year player who is just beginning to show what he can do.

With the current NBA landscape of players having new teams during the season, trade rumors have become more prevalent. The higher the level of basketball being played, the more often an injury will happen, the more likely a trade will occur. All of these factors can lead to more speculation and therefore more trade rumors. It is no wonder that NBA teams have taken notice and seem to take the rumors to heart.

The best NBA teams are sometimes able to avoid the effects of the basketball trade rumors and end up with a young and talented player they really wanted or had a reputation to uphold. However, other teams are trading away their best player simply because of a trade rumor. One famous example is when Houston traded James Harden for Kevin Martin.

If you are wondering why Houston traded Harden in the first place then it was because the Rockets needed to trade away a future first-round pick for the rights to the 2020 NBA Draft, which they received from Golden State. Harden was not going to be a superstar and only played in the NBA for one season, so it made sense to trade him to a team that could get back the draft pick that they traded for Harden and perhaps secure a more significant return.

Even though the team trading away Harden gave up a potential future first-round pick for him, other teams thought they had better players and made the trade rumors all the more likely. If a player like Harden is so hard to replace, it would only make sense to try to find another superstar to play alongside them in the NBA, especially if they were on an owner’s wish list.

Most NBA teams do not have to worry about the basketball trade rumors because they have players that have been drafted, signed or will be coming over in the future to join their team. The issue with teams attempting to trade for the sake of trying to move a superstar is that all the stars on the other team will be biding their time in hopes that another team will sign the star.

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